About Rw Rivers

Palmerston North artistic writer Geri Townsley who writes under the pen name of Rw Rivers is known for her writing talent. Geri has a unique opportunity to bring her characters to life through her book ‘Albie Merani and The Descendants’ a science fiction thriller.

Being a permanent resident of Australia and a British citizen gives me access to Australia and all of Europe. At one time one, I worked in the movie industry, primarily based in Sydney Australia. This has meant my skills are still great even after being out of the industry for a while. Offered a three movie deal which lead to six movies, including:

Giving Brian Brown a hand (please excuse the pun) with his movie ‘Two Hands’. When Heath Ledger & myself had arrived a bit late at Avalon Beach in Sydney, Australia I rushed to the sea and scooped up a handful of salt water after drinking it. Heath said. “For the life of me, I’ve never seen anyone doing that before.”

If you want to know who came up with the idea of breaking open the safe in the movie “The Score,” well it was me. We sealed the door with a product called Knead It (made by Selleys), Bob used a thermic lance to cut a hole in the middle of the safe, he filled it with water, and soon afterwards he inserted a detonator. Backing off with a remote his right hand, he then flicked a switch, whoosh the door blew off, and everyone on set was amazed!


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