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The Deadly Storm (Beta) Sample #books #amwriting #SciFi

Giving up on this book soon!


Here is an updated sample of:

Chapter 1 – Trip to Garnachi

Lightning split the sky, further illuminating the southern region of Hamarchi Zaron’s largest city but not its capitol. The wind howled against the house, the cold air seeping into the room through the slight opening of a window. Rain pounded on the roof. Albie Merani, oblivious to the heavy rain outside lay fast asleep enjoying his intense dream. Was it a dream? His team was competing in the Mag-Ve contest against their greatest rival, the Garni Dragons.

Mag-Ve is the main game played throughout Zaron, played in the air above a magnetic/ion wave field. There are six players per side and each player wears a special uniform with the ball attracted to each player’s gloves. There are two referees one on the playing field with another referee up in a booth who acts as the video referee. The player must throw the ball through any of three-hoop goal posts. A goalie had to project each goal mouth from an attacking player.

The three-hoop goal post scoring is ten points for the top hoop and three points for either of the side hoops. The team which wins the completion also wins a fifty thousand cash prize. The player with the most points wins a five thousand dollar cash prize. Albie Merani is the captain of his team -the Hamarchi Phoenix and the Garni Dragons are a team based in Ganarchi, Zaron’s capital.

While the storm rolled toward the city’s northern boundary, Albie ran the length of the suspension field untouched. As opposition players responded to his feigns and body swerves as if puppets were on a string he controlled. Dargo the captain of the opposing team and his number-one nemesis laughed aloud, with anger surging through Albie’s veins he brushed him aside and as Dargo with a taken back look about himself collapsed onto the floor, while rounding past a defender, then another. Albie launched himself forward and while in mid-air, time seemed to slow.

Albie faked a shot at one of the smaller rings either side of the main ring, drawing the goalie off balance Albie moved as swift as lightening itself to his right, but it was too late for the goalie. The ball flew from Albie’s right hand, between the goalie’s arms and passed through the main ring. A loud buzz resonated at the winning score. It did not stop.

Unaware of the real world around him, Albie’s right hand struck the snooze button. His once screeching alarm clock turned silent and as he rolled over slipped fast back into his dream to enjoy the adoration of the crowds,

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